What is 925 sterling silver?

The highest quality silver for jewelry is called sterling silver or 925 silver. It is called 925 silver because it is 92.5% pure silver. The other 7.5% is another metal (typically copper), which helps strengthen and stabilize the metal. 

Is pure silver better?

For jewelry, 925 silver is far better. Pure silver is also known as fine silver and it is not as good for making jewelry for several reasons:

- Pure silver is not ductile, meaning it can't be easily formed into jewelry or adjusted to fit.

- Pure silver is soft, making it less functional.

- Pure silver will mix with small amounts of hydrogen sulfide in air and will tarnish.

How is it stamped?

All of our 925 sterling silver jewelry are marked. Typically 925 silver will be stamped with a "925", "S925", or "sterling" marking. 
Often, if a silver item is not marked the jewelry may only be electroplated with silver, which makes its value much lower than 925 silver.

What is 925 silver for jewelry?

Simply put, it is the purest form of silver for making jewelry that maintains its beauty over time. Because it is stable alloy, it will not tarnish over time. It is more workable by jewelry adjusters. 925 silver will not bleed or shed onto your skin when you wear it. 

925 sterling silver jewels use genuine 92.5% silver and top quality. Solid silver inside with 18k rose gold plated on surface, absolutely safe for human body. 

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