The royalty jackets are completely unique as they are original jackets from the French military. The jackets are in really good quality, and are made of a strong material that makes it usable all year round.

The jackets are found at various flea markets, and bought from the military surplus stock, We believe in sustainability in the sense of recycling materials in the fashion industry. It gives a cool look to combine the raw military jackets with fur, which are certified from Copenhagen Fur and Saga furs.

It is the first collection from LHS fur, and the combination of real fur for the military look makes the Royalty jackets unique and cool. The colors of the camouflage will vary and size is Onesize.

The first collection of Royalty jackets was made in Italy by a small company workshop that, among other things, makes fur jackets for Fendi and MaxMara.

Based on my work at Kopenhagen Fur during the auctions, I have gained a great deal of knowledge about the fur industry, the breeders and the conditions and requirements that, among other things, Kopenhagen Fur sets for animal welfare. Read more on their website here: Copenhagen Fur

Our overarching mission is to reverse the general perception that fake fur is sustainable for the environment. Conversely, we believe that fake fur is plastic and indefensible in terms of speaking ethics.

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